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Hello :)

There’s sadly not much time left until
EXO-K’s last broadcast on public TV.

It seems like the first meeting was a couple of days ago though„
Thinking that it’s sadly already the last broadcast.. ┭┮_┭┮

But, still„
We can wait right~

While looking forward to EXO-K who will come back with an even greater music„ •ܫ⊙

Fill your whole heart with EXO-K’s love
By attending SBS Inkigayo’s live broadcast and the mini fanmeeting after the broadcast~ *^^*

Now now~~!! You’re very curious about the surprise event right?
Just as leadernim Suho said, the surprise event is a secret but„
We will let you see a few hours before!! the preparation scene of EXO-K’s surprise event.

Today’s mission!! Attack EXO-K!!

This place is where EXO-K’s surprise event is being prepared„
What are they all doing so concentratedly? Yes? Yesss??

They should look at us at least once but„ all of EXO-K aren’t even giving us a glance!!
Look here once please!! This is a preview~ (·ε·;)

Ah~ as expected from leader Suho-nim!!
Showing us a sweet~ smile like Michael while moving busily his hands„

EXO-K’s confident vocal line - D.O and Baekhyun are looking toward the preview camera to take a picture!!

On stage, he’s totally armed with charisma!! Off stage, he’s disarmed!!
94er Kai even does a shy V~!!

Also„ pretty and so cute maknae Sehun’s aegyo kiss we can’t miss in EXO-K~!!
(Ah~~~!! Can I get this kiss bag??? ㅠ_ㅜ Yes? Yes?)

The truth is that only the people who will come will be able to check all of this!!! s( ̄▽ ̄)v

You’re curious about what kind of event it’s going to be right?
It’s not only what you can see here~~!!

What is the truth hidden in the vinyl bags..
Look forward to it please~ WOW~!!

Ah right!! You can’t forget this„,
EXO’s trademark exclusive model Chanyeol’s official pose~~!!

This meeting with these handsome lead actors
You all know that it can come true only at the fanmeeting after Inkigayo right?
We won’t take responsibility if you regret it after not coming~! (ㅡ_ㅡ;)

You might feel anxious at this ambitious sight but
We hope that everyone who is worrying about whether they’ll be selected for the fanmeeting today will be selected„
That’s it for today, I’m going now!!

Have a good night everyone~~!! (- -)(_ _)(^ ^)

source: exo-k’s official homepage
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.

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