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— [NEWS] 121207 - Hallyu 9th Edition: EXO-K Gathers Speed Becoming Popular Globally

South Korea’s entertainment giant SM, after SHINee, after a lapse of four years has put out a new generation group EXO, two small groups EXO-K and EXO-M, at the same time on the same day, with the same song with a Korean version and a Chinese version, on April 9 in South Korea and China, got on stage and debuted at the same time in these two places. Large-scale promoting strength and a fresh individual manner of debuting, attracted the curiously anticipating gazes of places all over the world.


One,  The scary rookies who are gaining speed in their rise to fame
  On December 22nd, 2012, the photo and teaser of EXO’s first member Kai officially opened the prelude to the group’s debut, his powerful dance and well defined face of a star left viewers with a deep impression, and following the photos of the Chinese member’s Tao and Luhan, Chinese fans’ anticipation for this fresh new group evidently increased.  After 100 days of anticipation, after introduction by rounds of photos, teasers, and MV teasers, on March 31st, 2012, EXO finally unveiled their veil of mystery in front of fans, and on the next day, April 1st, a grand debut showcase was shown in front of the Chinese fans……

  If you had not been at the showcase in person, perhaps you would not understand the “terrifying” degree to which fervor the new group has reached, not just to say the mad scramble fans went through to get tickets for the Showcase, but on the day of the of, fans went to the airport to receive them, arriving early, just to catch a first glimpse of the idols’ charisma.  Along with the music from 《History》, the 12 members of EXO-K and EXO-M divided into the Chinese and Korean team alternating performing on stage, the live music and dancing coming together to create an exciting performance, garnering more screams of the fans in unison with the singing, affirming EXO’s high popularity.
  On April 9th, EXO’s first album 《MAMA》was officially released, after one month the Korean version had sold 71,473 copies, and the Chinese version 38,807 copies, totaling 110,280 copies sold, even in the overall sluggish condition of the current music industry, being able to sell over 100,000 records like newly-debuted EXO, is a sight not often seen.  EXO-K, the group promoting in Korea, their Korean version of 《MAMA》, in April, ranked number one on several album sales charts, furthermore proving the attention given to them by their fans.
  On September 18th, while EXO-M participated in a newcomer’s ceremony and EXO-K visited Sina’s chat room, the outside of the buildings and the parking lots were full of fans, and the appearance of the members only caused a bigger commotion, causing the staff members to have to maintain order.  EXO-K’s first web chat came to an end in a happy atmosphere, the members’ aegyo, revealed secrets, etc created a moment fans delighted in talking about, and EXO-K also took the opportunity of the chat that day to fiercely circle a group of fans.
  As time moves towards the end of the year, EXO clearly becomes the best choice for many major awards ceremony’s Newcomer Award, at the MAMA awards on November 30th,  unsurprisingly, EXO won the Asian Rookie of the Year Award.  More than half a year after debut, the madness they cause everywhere they go, the endorsements they’ve gotten from their good looks, their appearances causing riots as well as collisions, not to mention their explosive popularity, it was almost as if they never had a rookie period, as though they suddenly became a mature boy band.


Two, the reasons for their leap to fame are not completely resolved.

  Just like how it’s sung in the song, “no-one can be successful easily”, under the general analysis there are also several reasons for EXO’s leap to fame:

  First, the foundation is the planning package of the company. The star-making factory, also known as SM, are extremely experienced in developing newcomers. Taking a look at SM Company’s works, from H.O.T, Shinhwa, TVXQ, Super Junior, and then to SHINee, they’ve practically never slipped. EXO, as a new group who have prepared for their debut for four years, have broken SM’s tradition of releasing a new group every year, and also allowing fans to build up enough anticipation.  What’s more, in terms of the quality of the promotional teaser trailers to that of the album, you can also completely see SM’s hard work, as well-known Taiwanese songwriter Wang Yajun wrote on his weibo honestly: “To have a new successful group within a few years, the probability is seriously too low, I think the company’s careful management definitely played a bigger role than luck! When helping EXO-M fill in the lyrics to “MAMA” I could clearly feel the precision SM Company’s pre-debut training, allowing each person who was involved in the collaboration to understand the position and orientation of this group extremely well, after repeated revisions, the final confirmation was not careless at all, so today’s exceeding isn’t by chance either!”

  Two, drawing on the experiences of their seniors. SM being a developed entertainment production line, its artists have had a mature experience in surviving in the entertainment industry, and EXO’s debut and success from a perspective can be seen as standing on the shoulder of a giant — SM has recruited many idols, unconsciously creating a group of family fans, therefore every new group’s debut can all have extensive following before debut. In terms of how to walk smoothly on the debut route after today, the company’s seniors have also given EXO a lot of suggestions, when asked these things at the Beijing debut showcase, EXO’s member Baekhyun said: “A lot of seniors have given us a lot of advice, the one that left the deepest impression was Leeteuk-sunbae’s words to us, ‘People can change their minds at any time, you definitely cannot argue between members, you have to cheer each other on, and then the group will be able to go on for a long time.’”

  Three, cute appearances, praised musical style, the members will all attract fans. In terms of physical attraction, there’s bound to me one of the EXO’s members’ appearances that fits you, among them there is not only Chanyeol, Sehun this kind of ‘face’ undertaking, there is also Kai’s kind of custom personality, in the trending cuteness, D.O’s innocent, big eyes are definitely weapons of cute, and Baekhyun’s innocent style and Suho’s calm personality of a leader also have their own markets. Of course M’s Kris, Lu Han, if you wait they are the members the fans enthusiastically discuss the most. For music fans, EXO’s songs also easily match up to your tastes, their style you could say is leaving Super Junior’s “SJ FUNKY” style and SHINee’s individual experimental field style to SMPOP’s most perfect return, to familiar people this has a thick retro feeling, to strangers it is also not hard on the ears; at the same time EXO’s main vocalists have amazing strength, 《MAMA》’s opening directly tests vocal strength on high notes, D.O relies on his strong voice to hold the entire song. As for how to let the fans remember them, EXO’s members also each have their own thing, a smile that captures hearts, the winning cuteness of sticking out their tongue, a clean senior feel, a innocent little white bunny feel, and a sexy, alluring direction. When EXO-K guested in Sina’s live studio, in situations of the language barrier they could still let everyone on the scene laugh a lot, completely relying on the members’ scrambled atmosphere and their strength in expressing, no wonder the fans teasingly say they will take each other’s fans.
  Four, the debut tactic of attacking China and Korea at the same time. The idea that having Chinese members will drive the group’s popularity seems to be another of SM’s magic weapons for their groups to quickly become popular, from the early Super Junior’s Han Geng to f(x)’s Song Qian (Victoria Song). With the presence of the Chinese members, Chinese fans naturally will have more of a reason to follow the group. This time EXO chose the tactic of debuting at the same time in different places, again decreasing the lag in time to a certain extent, the immediate following and anticipation of the combined stage, no matter in which aspect,  this new group EXO become the fans’ discussion topic.


Three, the twin relationship with EXO-M
  Through their “We are one” slogan, EXO-K and EXO-M have a twin relationship, when you bring up EXO-K, inevitably, you must also talk about EXO-M, because these two squads are ultimately from the same group, no one is able to break away the counterpart and exist by themselves.
  Other than the promoting separately in their groups, when the 12 members of the two groups come together K and M’s boundaries seem indistinguishable, the members’ personal relationships are often delighted in by the fans, while continuing to accept interviews, the members also reveal a lot of interesting things in their lives. In terms of their combined power attacking the Asian market, EXO-K and EXO-M even more so only have mutually supporting and not competitive win-win relationships, for when they individually face different markets they attack separately, and when they come together to attack, there’s an effectiveness like 1+1>2. In terms of being able to obtain high popularity in China, then even EXO-K’s members modestly think that they’re riding off EXO-M’s Chinese members’ popularity. About the two groups’ differences, EXO-K’s members even think that the differences in the two groups are perhaps only in language.
  Aside from mutually helping each other, the members of the two groups have grown to rely on each other, compared to the them when they first began the life of fame, that kind of hard work, the pressure is probably something other people could never imagine, and recently there are some pictures taken by the fans of the members at the airport leaning on each other that let your heart feel warm. To EXO, the crowds waiting for them at the airport every time, the members come out in a line, holding onto each other’s shoulders like a little train, it seems to be the feeling of giving their members and friends warmth and support.

source: Sina Entertainment
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