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— [THANKS TO] XOXO - Sehun (printed)

Firstly… thanks to teacher Lee Sooman. For always paying attention to us and helping us, thank you to all of the SM employees. To my family who is always at my side, I love you!! Those who are always at my side since I was a trainee, making me pretty, and helping me to grow up correctly, Jungah-noona, Heejun-nuna, Yueun-noona, Areum-noona, I love you!! Thanks to the noona’s it seems that there was able to be this cool member in a group called EXO. Minwookie-hyung, Seunghwanie-hyung, Jaehyukie-hyung, Jiheonnie-hyung, Hyungyunnie-hyung, Yongminnie-hyung, Dalyoungie-hyung thank you always. To the SM artists sunbaenim’s, thank you for always paying attention to us. Those who always make us, EXO, look pretty God’s hand Naeju-hyung, O blood type Yunsu-noona, lol Sejungie-hyung, Psyduck Seulgi-noona, ㅋㅋ thank you so much!! Head of department Chwisungie, Hyunhee-noona, Bae Chajang-nim, Suhyun-noona, Minhee-noona, Minjung-noon, I’ve been thankful!! The coordi hyung’s and noona’s now, take care of me!! My friends that I love, Sangmin, Chanyoung, Minho, I love you!! And Jung Daeun  ㅋㅋ Dani~~ let’s become closer friends!! Thank you to Sungsoo-hyung, Yunjung-noona, Jinhyunnie-hyung, Wonseokie-hyung who always pay attention to our songs!! EXO members that I always love, let’s become members that believe in and have faith in each other ㅋㅋ EXO is jjang!!! (t/n: ‘jjang’ is a word meaning ‘best’) Lastly… all of the fans that I am really thankful towards… Thank you and thank you… you guys waited a lot didn’t you? Now EXO is running. As much as you guys have waited, we will show a cooler image. Because there is the fans, we are alive. Thank you very much and I love you, come with us until the end!! (t/n: Here Sehun writes ‘I love you’ in 5 different languages with the Korean alphabet. In order it’s Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, English) Saranghaeyo, wo ai ni men, aishteru, pom rakkunkab, I love you~~ ㅋㅋ EXO fans are the best!!

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