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— [THANKS TO] XOXO - Kai (printed)

Our loving members who were with me before our debut, this is the result of our efforts, the blood and the tears we shed from our trainee days until before our comeback ! We finally had our comeback with our first full album. Since I know better than anyone how hard we worked, I absolutely want to say this. Thanks a lot.. From now on, if we trust each and love each other, I won’t be jealous of anything in this world. Also, I want to thank Teacher Lee Sooman who gave me the chance to debut under EXO with such nice members. Furthermore CEO Kim Youngmin, Director Nam Soyoung, Director Jung Changhwan, Director Han Semin, Director Yoo Youngjin, thank you. To my reliable dad who allowed me to dance in order to fulfill my dream, my mom who is prettier than anyone and who always prays with tears running down her face, my oldest sister who is my #1 fan, and my cute second oldest sister who, even though I call her nuna, is like a little sister, I miss you all and I love you ! My brother-in-law Cheolhongie hyung who said I was cool and he was proud of me, and the aunts who put age aside and always support me I am so thankful~! Pinocchio Munkyu, Rick Ross Kwonho, the civilian Changki hyung, my cool sunbae Taemin, I’m always thankful and I miss you..!!! To Sanghoonie hyung who used to be my instructor, Jaewonie hyung, Jinyoungie hyung, the reliable Seunghwanie hyung, Minwookie hyung, Jaehyukie hyunng, Jiheonie hyung, Yongminnie hyung, Dalyoungie hyung, and the stylists who make us shine even brighter on stage, Heejun nuna who made me a human before making me a singer, Jungah nuna, Areum nuna, and especially Yooeun nuna, I won’t forget your kindness. Aside from this, thank you to the SMTOWN family members ! Last but not least our fans who waited for us whether it rained or snowed!! EXO is now back after a long wait~ It’s because of all of you who supported us that we were able to comeback with such a cool image. From now on I’m asking for a lot of cheers and interest! I love you. Our fans !!
♥_♥ EXO let’s love !!! Aoou woo~ woo~~~~!

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