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— [THANKS TO] XOXO - Baekhyun (printed)

Hello. This is EXO’s light Baekhyun! Our EXO’s first full album has finally been released ! Clap clap clap~ ! Thank you so so much to Teacher Lee Sooman who gave us such a good album and our name EXO~! Director Kim Youngmin, Director Nam Soyoung, Director Jung Changhwang, Director Han Semin, Director Yoo Youngjin thank you ! And also, the SMTOWN sunbaenims I respect a lot ! Thank you so much for being generous and giving us advice ! And to our Heejun nuna who treats us like we were her sons and who’s always nice to us, Jungah nuna with the broad laugh, Yooeun nuna who is like my real sister, My right arm who is always by my side Areum nuna, thank you and I love you ! And Youngjunie hyung, Seunghwanie hyung, Minwookie hyung, Jiheonie hyung, Jaehyukie hyung, Hyunkyunie hyung, Jaewonie hyung, Sanghoonie hyung, Jinyoungie hyung, Hyoje hyung who make us shine even brighter thank you ! And Yoonsoo nuna who always makes us look cool, Naeju hyung, Seulgi nuna, Sekyungie hyung, Kichulie hyung, Saehee hyung thank you ! And also Sungsoo hyung, Jinhyunie hyung, Wonshikie hyung, Yoonjung nuna and all the A&R hyungs and nunas who alwyays give us the ability to sing, thank you~! Aside from this ! Thank you to all the SM staff members who work hard for us and who help us~! And to my mom and dad who gave birth to me prettily and who raised me, I love you♥ My lovely hyung~! And also all my relatives who support me, my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandfather thank you ! And my precious friends, I love you~!♥ Last but not least, our EXO fans, you’ve waited for a long time~! EXO is finally making a sortie~! Thank you for waiting for us~ We also missed you a lot. ㅠ_ㅠ From now on, since we’ll become an even cooler and more hardworking EXO~! Please love us a lot ! You know it right? ㅋㅋ Right?^^ ♥ EXO and our EXO fans ! Let’s stand together~! Fighting ! Our EXO fans are the best~! ♡ I love you~

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