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— [THANKS TO] XOXO - Chanyeol (printed)

Hello~! It is EXO’s rap and virus, Chanyeol! I got to write my first Thanks To while preparing for our official album this time! I have so many people to thank.. Don’t get sulky if you’re not here~♡ Firstly my family! To my mom, dad, and sister who gave birth to me and raised me thank you so much and I love you~♡ And Lee Sooman teacher who made EXO and made me EXO Chanyeol! Thank you! Also Kim Youngmin boss, Nam Soyoung Director, Jung Changhwan Director, Han Saemin Director, Yoo Youngjin Director thank you. Our seniors that always care for our EXO, Kangta senior, BoA senior, Trax seniors, Dongbangshingi seniors, Cheonsangjihee seniors, Super Junior seniors, SonyeoShidae seniors, SHINee seniors, f(x) seniors really thank you a lot and I respect you! Our EXO members as well, thank you so much and I love you~♡ Heejun noona, Jungah noona, Yooeun noona, Ahreum noona, that made the trouble maker child Changyeol into a manly Chanyeol, I love you♡ Our manager hyungs that suffer with us together wherever we are! Youngjoonie hyung, Seunghwanie hyung, Minwookie hyung, Hyunkyunie hyung, Yongminie hyung, Jaehyukie hyung thank you. Sanghoonie hyung and Jaewanie hyung who suffer gravely because of us, thank you so much and Jinyoungie hyung that will show us songs, thank you! Thank you so much to Beenzino-sshi who gave me a huge music inspiration. Also for making us shine on stage, Naejoo hyung, Yoonsoo noona, Sungah head of department, Kichulie hyung, Saehee hyung, and stylists, thank you~! My friends that I love so so much, and miss so so much! Jjakie, George, Jangyoonie, Sohni, Meng, Byunghunie, Sungjoonie, Minseokie! And our Heavy Noise!, UD Family! I love you♡ And lastly our pretty and cool fans that waited for and loved our EXO.. To me there is only everyone. Let’s love forever~ Because you guys are here, we are here! Then till now it has been EXO Chanyeol. We Are One! Thank you.

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