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— [THANKS TO] XOXO - Suho (printed)

Our root SMTOWN, and EXO, all of this is possible because Lee Sooman teacher exists. Us EXO will always work hard to become the real artist that opens up a new generation, like teacher’s words. Thank you. Above all, my family.. Father, mother, and hyung. Because there is our family’s love and trust, I am able to venture out. I love you. Because there is SMTOWN family, I am happy. Kim Youngmin boss, Nam Soyoung Director, Jung Changhwan Director, Han Saemin Director, Yoo Youngjin Director that always supports us! Thank you. Our noonas that have always been by our side since before debut.. Jungah noona whom I love more than anyone, will I be able to send my thanks. Heejun noona, Yooeun noona, Ahreum noona! Manager hyungs that always care for us from besides us~ Youngjoonie hyung, Seunghwanie hyung, Minwookie hyung, Hyunkyunie hyung, Yongminie hyung, Jaehyukie hyung, Jihunie hyung, Dalyoungie hyung. Sungsoo hyung, Yoonjung noona, Wonseokie hyung, Jinhyunnie hyung that always are in charge of our music!! Drivers and Kenzie noona! Sanghoonie hyung, Jaehwanie hyung, Hyojae hyung, who always create our performances, thank you. From the respectful seniors, I learn a lot. Kangta senior, BoA senior, Dongbangshingi seniors, Super Junior seniors that always care for us. Teukie hyung, Donghae hyung, Kyuhyunie hyung, thank you. Sonyeoshidae seniors that pretty us! Our loving SHINee seniors.. Best friend Jonghyunie, Taeminie, Minho, Keybum, pretty f(x) seniors.. Thank you to everyone and I love you. Also, thank you to Yoonju noona,Jungah noona, Sukgi hyung, Eunbi noona that helped us with each and every thing since the beginning, Min Heejin noona, Naejoo hyung, Yoonsu noona, Saekyungie hyung, Seulgi, Sungah head of department, Hyunhee noona, Soohyun noona, Minhee, Gichulie hyung, Saehee hyung. Middle school, High school teachers and friends that made me get a dream.. and a place of never-ending learning, Korean National University of Arts’ professors, seniors, juniors, and colleagues, I will never forget the always thankful heart. Eunkyung teacher, Hyukmo teacher, Sangma teacher, Jongcheon teacher, Jinyoungie hyung that taught me a lot of things!! Thank you. Our hyung friends, Rhythm Power Songwoonie hyung, Seokang hyungs.. and Moonkyu, Kyuhwanie hyung thank you. Although there is no end to the people I’m thankful to, EXO members that are next to me right now. I’m happy that we can be together I love you♡ It’s happening EXO comeback~~~ (t/n: If you searched EXO on portal sites, the first thing that would pop up used to be “It’s not happening EXO comeback”) You waited a long time right! Our fans!! Because our fans were always next to us, we were able to exist. I want to give you more and louder love than what you guys love us. When you guys are together with us at first, we are one. We Are One! I promise. EXO Let’s love!!!

source: Cordy♥
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